What is Mobbing definition/concept/elaboration

Harassment moral or mobbing is a form of psychological or moral pressure. The term is used to describe the persecution situations that some people are subjected to in their work environment .

What happens in mobbing?

First, it should be noted that in this type of situation there are two protagonists: one or more stalkers and a victim. The harasser tries to destroy the harassed person’s emotional balance in order to destroy him psychologically.

The aggressor usually pursues his victim through a series of strategies: false accusations, badmouthing the victim in front of others, spreading rumors, discrediting his professional capacity, attacking privacy or using vulgar and aggressive language .

In a nutshell, the harasser uses all sorts of tricks to undermine the harassed state of mind. As a result, those close to the victim may see her as someone strange and different. This makes the stalker rely on indirect allies in his destructive strategy.

The victim of harassment begins to feel confused and gradually suffer psychologically

Because of this, their behavior in the workplace changes . In this way, it is isolated and does not participate in everyday conversations. Naturally, she feels down and this leads her to a depressive state that negatively affects her personal, professional and family life.

Usually, the victim does not find a logical explanation for what happens to him and, therefore, he even feels guilty. On the other hand, when she decides to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist, she may be diagnosed with depression or some kind of phobia, when in fact her discomfort occurs because of the mobbing or bullying she suffers.

Experts in this type of situation advise that the harassed person puts a series of measures into practice:

1) try to deal with harassment firmly and decisively;

2) need for correct and respectful treatment;

3) avoid blaming yourself for the harassment situation;

4) not isolating oneself from others;

5) seek help from a psychology professional ;

6) report the aggressor to justice if the previous measures are not useful.

Other forms of psychological abuse

Mobbing is a form of psychological abuse that is part of the work environment. When psychological harassment happens in schools it is called bullying. If the harasser’s intent is for a sexual purpose, it is sexual harassment. There is also cyberbullying and other forms of harassment, such as those that occur between neighbors or within the family.

All these phenomena have elements in common: victims suffer emotional disturbances, feel humiliated and may need some psychological support to overcome a given situation.

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