What is Missive definition/concept/elaboration

The word missive comes from Latin, more specifically from the verb mittere, which means to send. Equivalent to a letter , that is, a written document that serves to communicate something to the other person . Although the terms letter and missive have the same meaning, the first is part of colloquial language and the second a cultism little used in everyday life.

At the same time, it is an archaism, that is, a word that in other times was used with relative normality, but with the passage of time it disappeared from the colloquial vocabulary of today.

The evolution of written messages

Since the Sumerian people invented the first alphabet, written messages have not stopped evolving.

For centuries, when a person wanted to communicate with someone at some distance, he had no choice but to send a letter or missive by post. This tradition has not yet disappeared, but it is very likely that soon all handwritten letters will be a rarity. Missive

In the present, the use of e-mail has largely replaced the classic letters of the past. Even the e-mail itself (popular e-mail) is becoming obsolete because of the Whatsapp or SMS text messaging system on social networks.

Synonyms and terms related to written messages

Although synonymy expresses the equivalence of meaning between different words, the fact that two words are synonymous does not mean that they have exactly the same meaning, as each word has a particular aspect that differentiates it from the other.

We use the word letter to refer to any written document in which a sender communicates something to its receiver. On the other hand, the term missive is used in contexts of a language specific to other times or with the intention of using a cultism.

  • – The epistle is also synonymous with the letter, but this term is used only as a cult record. In the books of the New Testament the Pauline epistles are illustrious, writings that Paul of Tarsus addressed to the Christian faithful.
  • – A pliego is a document that includes a series of clauses or conditions related to some type of activity.
  • – The funeral notice is one that communicates the death of a person.
  • – E-mail or electronic mail is also a form of letter, but in this case the physical support is digital.

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