What is Miss Universe definition/concept

Physical beauty causes an obvious attraction in anyone. Beauty contests are organized to determine who is the most beautiful woman in a country or continent . And the best known internationally is Miss Universe , which was held for the first time, in 1952, in California (the Miss World pageant has similar characteristics, but is organized by another entity).

Along with the winner and the other finalists, Miss Sympathy and Miss Photogenic are also awarded.

Sounds awesome, but Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe Organization

Currently, the person most responsible for this event is the magnate Donald Trump, best known for assuming the presidency of the United States in 2017. The curious thing is that he is not exactly a defender of women’s rights.

The winner receives a gold and platinum crown, a cash prize of $250,000 and the right to enjoy an apartment in New York’s Trump Tower for one year. Miss Universe

Likewise, some brands in the cosmetics and fashion industry provide you with products and accessories to enhance your image. To keep the title, you must sign a contract with the organizer and commit to fulfilling certain obligations : participating in charity events, promoting peace around the world, and encouraging disease control.

Beauty contests are being questioned in recent years

The judges assess a series of characteristics about the participants: the proportion and harmony of the body, facial features, elegance and personal style with the clothes they wear. In this type of contest, any aesthetic intervention that alters a woman’s natural beauty is prohibited .

The Miss Universe and other similar events are not without criticism. Some sectors consider that the image projected on women is negative and anachronistic.

In Argentina, the possibility of banning these contests for considering them sexist is discussed, and feminist groups claim that the commodification of the female body promotes values ​​contrary to equality between men and women.

In recent years, the videos of the missions that answer basic questions of general culture have gone viral and highlight a degrading image of women in these events.

From another point of view, some consider that these events promote absurd standards of beauty, since women’s height and thinness are not related to beauty.

These competitions for perfection were extended to the female children’s world. In this context, there are those who claim that an image is projected that promotes child pornography and violates the rights of girls.

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