What is Misdemeanor definition/concept

A misdemeanor is a violation of a certain minor rule, therefore, it is insufficient to qualify it as a crime. In this way, it is impossible for a misdemeanor to deprive a person of liberty , at most a fine is imposed for conscience .

Misdemeanors will never be applied to serious circumstances, but above all have to do with the responsibility of being part of a society . That is why, from a legal point of view, they are not part of the so-called common criminal law .

A society generates norms that are mandatory for its members. This type of normative generation is carried out through the same principles chosen by society, a circumstance that somehow explains its legitimacy. However, the transgression of these norms is not always of the same degree of importance. misdemeanor

In fact, there are some cases that harm a third party, being difficult or impossible to repair the damage. On the other hand, it is possible that this evil is easily corrected and that its consequences do not exceed more than a nuisance.

From the perspective discussed, misdemeanor crimes are distinguished

This distinction does nothing more than separate an evil – which requires drastic measures – from a lesser evil and which can be easily resolved as long as the perpetrator cooperates. In this case, there are no more than attitudes or actions that momentarily put public order in question, which means some kind of undesirable circumstance, but easily solvable. However, this transgression also requires some corrective action, even if it is of a lesser order. misdemeanor

It is expected that in addition to the existence of small sanctions, there are certain mechanisms that serve to demoralize such transgressions. In this sense, education is also of great importance.

In fact, everyone has a general idea of ​​what a bad deed can really be, but that doesn’t always evade small obligations . This circumstance explains above all that such obligations are extremely punctual on certain occasions. So, for example, when you make a bad maneuver with your car, when you drink alcohol in a public place or when you dress in a certain way, these are attitudes that people generally do not take into account.

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