What is Miscellaneous definition/concept

If we take into account its etymology , this word comes from the Latin miscellanea and this one from the verb miscere, which means to mix or combine. It is used when different or mismatched elements are displayed in the same field. Miscellaneous

A type of commercial establishment in Colombia and Mexico

Some businesses sell a wide range of products and there is no connection between them . In the language of Colombians and Mexicans, these trades are known as miscellaneous. Typical examples in this regard are grocery stores, tobacconists and stationery stores.

The historical origin of these establishments is related to the pre-Hispanic cultures of Latin America, since at that time the commercial activity was carried out in popular markets, which had establishments dedicated to a variety of products. From a consumer’s point of view, these stores are interesting because they offer a wide range of products.

In the written press

In the written press, there are all kinds of fixed sections, such as politics , local and international news, economics , sports, etc. In the miscellaneous section, the reader will find a mixture of information: trivia, articles about everyday life, data of interest on a subject, jokes, hobbies, among others. Miscellaneous

A literary genre considered the precedent of the essay

In the Renaissance , the figure of the humanist acquired its true and full meaning. The humanist was a scholar interested in all sorts of subjects (philosophy, science, medicine, art, etc.). His intellectual restlessness in relation to all kinds of areas ended up becoming a specific literary genre. In miscellaneous books there was no defined theme, but a mixture of different knowledge. The purpose of these publications was fundamentally didactic. Miscellaneous

Marco Polo’s stories about his travels to the Orient are a clear example of this narrative genre. In them, the author explains the route he followed to carry out his commercial activity, as well as the cultural traditions of the territories visited and his personal assessments of different ways of life. This narrative format caught the attention of European readers and for this reason the miscellany genre became fashionable.

The multidisciplinary spaces

Some cultural centers avoid specialization and promote a wide range of creative activities. Certain libraries are not just limited to classical activities such as book lending, but also develop lectures, workshops, exhibitions and conferences.

This approach is a hodgepodge, as several dimensions or aspects end up having a common space.

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