What is Misanthropy definition/concept

The term misanthropy comes from the Greek and is a combination of the verb miséo, which means to annoy or hate, and tropia, which refers to the human species . So misanthropy is the inclination towards hatred and contempt for people in general.

The individual who has this vital attitude is a misanthrope, that is, he is normally a person who does not have a social life , is aloof with others and is suspicious.

The profile of a misanthrope

The misanthrope’s personality has been studied by psychiatrists and psychologists. Hatred and contempt for the human condition are often accompanied by intolerant attitudes, permanent dissatisfaction and a certain existential pessimism. In extreme cases, these characteristics can lead to violence and even crime. misanthropy

The misanthrope has a negative opinion of humanity as a whole. He believes that the positive actions of others are not sincere, but that they hide uncontrollable interests. When someone does you a favor, you interpret it as a strategy to ask for a favor in return. In short, the misanthrope thinks badly of others and does not believe in people’s good intentions. The individual with these characteristics usually claims that people are bad and that nobody should be trusted.

Misogyny is a specific form of misanthropy

Misogyny is the hatred or aversion to women. In this way, the misogynist can feel sexual attraction to women, but at the same time feel contempt for them. In many cases the misogynist man is also sexist.

This individual does not admit that a woman is his superior at work, he sees women within their sexual and affective dimension, he even considers that everything that is feminine has a lower value than the masculine.

Philanthropy is the other side of misanthropy

The philanthropy is selfless love for others. Thus, a philanthropist is someone who helps others without expecting anything in return.

The traditional figure of the philanthropist is that of a multimillionaire tycoon who donates much of his wealth so that others can improve their lives in some way.

However, philanthropy is not necessarily a matter for people with great wealth, as any individual can be a philanthropist to the extent of their ability. In this sense, a person with limited economic resources can volunteer to help the most disadvantaged and through their altruistic action expresses a feeling of love for humanity.

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