What is Militaria definition/concept/elaboration

The taste for everything that involves the military world is known by the term militaria. In other words, it is the collection of objects that have some relationship with the army.

As with all pastimes, this context is usually focused on a specialized theme: World War II weapons, antique uniforms, war decorations, soldiers’ helmets, war-themed posters, and more.

The militarism phenomenon

This type of collection creates its own world. It is common for their admirers to get involved and dedicate themselves to the purchase and sale of objects, for that they use specialized forums on the internet . This hobby is associated with specialized stores, military history museums, catalogs, magazines, fairs, in short, there is a wide variety of resources linked to the practice of collecting. Militaria

All kinds of specialists live in this world, such as historians, evaluators or specialists in weapons. Of course, members of the army and veterans of war are people who are prone to this type of sport.

The phenomenon of militarism should not be interpreted as a simple accumulation of objects, since behind any military object there is always a historical account of events

In this sense, any historical reality is directly or indirectly related to an episode of war. Militaria

In addition to the collection of military objects and their historical dimension, it should be taken into account that everything that involves the military is linked to symbols, aesthetics and mentality . It should not be forgotten that the symbols of an army represent a general idea: the defense of the homeland in the face of any possible threat . From an aesthetic point of view, military uniforms draw the attention of both men and women. As far as mentality is concerned, the military world is associated with certain ideals such as leadership, courage, protection and honor. Militaria

the world of collecting

Each type of collecting has its own name. The best known are philately (collection of postage stamps), numismatics (of coins) and bibliophilia (of books). Other less popular ones are the doll collection and the cigar stamp collection. Collecting can be for any type of utensil, from the most everyday to the most sophisticated and rare. Militaria

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