What is Migrant definition/concept/elaboration

The term migrant refers to any person who changes their place of residence to another for an indefinite period of time. In general, the migrant tries to look for a new place of coexistence where the possibilities of work and the social are more satisfactory than the place he used to live before.

It is also possible that this situation happens for family reasons or for issues of dating, marriage, among others. This migration process has taken place since the dawn of humanity and had as its main objective the search for food in areas considered better for cultivation. Over time and the development of societies, migration aimed to open trade routes and colonize different peoples in search of new economic resources .

Currently, the emigration process shows societies with low standards of living in relation to societies with better economic conditions.

Migrants in general aim to achieve better living conditions. On occasion, despite the problems that may occur in a new social environment , they are less than those experienced in original circumstances. Many countries and historical processes are based on function of the migrant figure.

For example, the first communities that inhabited the territory of the United States were settlers who migrated from England for religious reasons. Other similar circumstances happened with the colonies of Spain, although in these cases the purpose of migration is political or economic.

In the 20th century, emigration had to do especially with the difficulties arising from the world wars; wars that resulted in the economic devastation of Europe, and this provided great meaning for the new continent .

Currently, the migratory processes are still in force

Migrants can come from anywhere in the world and go to another, although most come because of the economic problems they face and thus seek more stable areas. In this way, the last few years have shown a lot of Africans who have migrated to European countries.

This type of phenomenon has given rise to a controversy within welcoming societies that have not yet been able to resolve these issues. With the improvement of the economic crises, this process tends to diminish, although it is not completely extinct. However, it is important to consider that the mobility of migrants will always exist.

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