What is Metatron definition/concept/elaboration

According to some unrecognized texts within the canon of Judaism and Christianity, Metatron is an archangel who is in Heaven beside the Creator. It is a character full of mystery about which all kinds of theories are maintained. Metatron

He is said to be like a heavenly scribe or guardian who guards the entrance to Heaven and guards the secrets of creation.

  • – For the followers of Kabbalah, it is an angel who guided the people of Israel during their exile.
  • – In the Gnostic tradition, it is identified with the serpent that caused the sin of Eve.
  • – In the world of esoterism, this character’s mission is to keep secret the Akashic records related to past lives.
  • – In the context of the New Age, it is claimed to be the protector of spiritual children (Rainbow, Indigo and Crystal). Metatron

Despite the disparity of interpretations, it is a proposal with a clear symbolic charge. In a simplified way, it can be said that Metatron is the symbol that serves as a bridge to understand the connection between God and men.

Metatron’s cube is part of sacred geometry

In traditional geometry, figures have an instrumental meaning, as they serve to draw, make maps, build objects, delimit spaces, etc. However, some philosophical and esoteric currents claim that geometry has a sacred dimension.

At the same time, the study of fractals demonstrates that many patterns in nature have a geometric language . On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that in some ancient traditions, it was said that God was inspired by geometric patterns to project everything that exists in the universe as a whole . Metatron

The geometric figure of the Flower of Life is considered a perfect form, both in its proportions and in its harmony.

This structure of sacred geometry has different patterns and among them is Metatron’s cube. This figure is also present in the Platonic solids. Thus, the five geometric figures described by Plato are inside Metaton’s cube.

From the supposed sacred dimension of the Cube of Metaton, some esoteric currents defend the healing capacity of objects through this geometric shape

In the world of pseudoscience, the following type of message is very common : we lead a life without harmony and because of that we need some mysterious force to find physical and spiritual balance. In this context, Metatron’s cube is evaluated as an object with which it is possible to redirect negative energy forces and find inner well-being. Metatron

In the world of esoterism, it seeks to offer a scientific image and, for this reason, it is said that Metatron’s cube works as a quantum accelerator that activates the laws of the universe from other dimensions.

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