What is Mesolithic definition/concept/elaboration

The Mesolithic, also known as the Stone Age, is considered a transitional period between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic. Thus, during this intermediate phase, human groups were still hunters and gatherers as in the Paleolithic, but little by little they incorporated strategies to optimize the natural resources at their disposal.

Particularities of humans in the Mesolithic

Anthropologists consider that Mesolithic man can already be considered fully as homo sapiens.

The most characteristic human trait of the Mesolithic is the incorporation of primary cultural mechanisms among social groups. Mesolithic

In anthropological terms, Mesolithic communities are considered as complex hunter-gatherer societies.

This situation can be translated into several circumstances:

1) with a tendency to sedentarism, as it should be noted that the nomadism typical of the Paleolithic was extremely hard on individuals and was associated with permanent uncertainty;

2) this tendency caused the man of the Mesolithic period to settle close to places where he could stock up on game, even if only temporarily;

3) the situation of seminomadism was accompanied by a demographic increase and competition among human groups for natural resources ;

4) the previous transformations in turn provoked a diversification of the diet . Larger and smaller hunts were practiced, in addition to alternatives such as river fishing and shellfish collection;

5) in the Mesolithic period, the first forms of burials appeared: the necropolises. This fact has a particular cultural meaning, as it means that the human being had an idea of ​​transcendence and at the same time gave death a meaning full of symbolism.

The Mesolithic was a necessary step to reach the Neolithic

In the Neolithic, human beings became sedentary thanks to the emergence of agriculture and livestock. However, this did not happen suddenly and miraculously, it was a slow and gradual process . Anthropologists consider that the Mesolithic was a necessary stage of human evolution to consolidate itself as the Neolithic revolution.

The circumstances indicated above led the Mesolithic man to significant mental changes, especially the need to settle in a territory and begin to build a model of life based on cooperation and specialization of work.

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