What is Meme definition/concept/elaboration

A meme is an image taken out of context, usually accompanied by a sentence, the purpose of which is to make a joke about something, act as the equivalent of a funny comment, or retort someone. It is precisely in the replicas of Internet forums that memes were born and gained visibility.

Certainly, even without knowing it , some of you have already seen a meme on the Internet, or even outside the networks, as the popularity of these images has moved from the online territory to become a cultural phenomenon and to be considered an icon of the time when we live.

Memes are also considered animated images in GIF format , as well as short videos with a few seconds duration.

In addition to photography, the meme can be a drawing or a digital editing work resulting from the composition of several images.

Used as a replica on Internet forums

A quality very appreciated by internet users who use memes is that images can be reused in different texts and in different contexts, even if they are very similar.

Also, in the case of animated images, this same quality is also highly appreciated.

the most famous memes

That’s why I’m not going to talk about famous memes with the text included, but about images that have become possible, so they can create their own memes.

The first of these images is of the so-called “forever alone”, a drawing that is often presented in the form of four vignettes, and whose central character inevitably ends up alone (hence its name).

The “That’s Sparta!” scene from the film 300, as well as the encounter between Spartans and Thebans – and their subsequent dialogue – have been the subject of memes, some in the form of static photography, vignettes or animated GIF.

Another film, this time the German “The Fall”, in the scene where Hitler’s character finds himself raging inside his office surrounded by his generals, has also been the subject of a static image meme, as well as apocryphal dubs that ridicule others. themes.

Business cat is the image of an elegant cat dressed in a tie, while the so-called racist dog is nothing more than a picture of a dog wearing glasses (which makes it more “intellectual”).

Real or fictional characters like Chuck Norris, Bear Grylls, Homer Simpson, Willy Wonka, the stormtroopers (the “bad” soldiers from the Star Wars saga), Jackie Chan and former basketball player Yao Ming also have their images circulating in form of meme.

How do you create a meme?

It’s very easy to create a meme: just download one of the thousands of images that circulate on the Internet and that can easily serve as the basis for any sentence you want to write, or through a photo taken by ourselves, which can even lead us to fame . From there, there is a retouching and drawing program that allows us to insert text to compose the meme.

We can also use a service online that allows us to generate a meme in an automated way, from the moment we chose a common image of a bank data and add text. This can be done via our own smartphone with one of the many apps available.

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