What is Megaliths definition/concept/elaboration

Prehistoric humans began to build buildings with large blocks of stone, also known as megaliths. Thus, megalistism is the term used to refer to this type of construction. Megaliths

Main features

The stone blocks used were compact and could reach several tons in weight. There are three types of stone constructions: the menhir, the cromlech (cromlech) and the dolmens. The first is usually used to delimit a territory and sometimes several are grouped in an aligned way. When the stones form a circle they are called a cromlech. If stones are combined horizontally and vertically they are called dolmens.

Buildings generally had a funeral and religious purpose , but some of them had a social purpose (for example, to store food or as defense towers). In some cases, these giant stones had a structure related to observation of the stars (for example, Stonehenge in Great Britain is the most internationally known megalithic monument and is very likely to be a primitive astronomical observatory). Megaliths

The megalithic construction was developed during the Neolithic period, approximately 5000 years BC. C. This period is also known as the Stone Age, as rocks were the raw material for the manufacture of various utensils.

the construction process

The stones for these constructions were obtained from a relatively nearby quarry. This means that the large blocks of stones had to be transported and for this a stone sliding system by rolling the logs is employed . In this way, with the strength of many men, the blocks were transported to their final location. Then, the blocks were cut accordingly depending on the type of building you were going to build. Obviously, it was necessary to prepare pits cementing for the blocks kept me steady. Megaliths

Stonehenge stones are a mystery to archaeologists

Although it is believed that this monument had a relationship with the position of the stars, archaeologists maintain some discrepancies on the matter. This monument has raised all kinds of theories and puzzles. In this sense, the precise meaning of the stones is not known with certainty. The astronomical observatory theory is not shared by all archaeologists. It is argued that the men who built it belonged to a race of giants. Stonehenge is also believed to be a base for Neolithic UFOs. Megaliths

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