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The jellyfish is an animal that inhabits the aquatic environment. At the same time, it can be said that the jellyfish is a being from Greek mythology. Medusa

Dangerous animals for bathers

From the point of view of classification of living beings, the jellyfish (also called jellyfish) is an invertebrate animal in the cnidarian group. Its body is shaped like a bell, also called an umbrella. From it comes a manubrium and at its end is the mouth of this animal. Depending on the species , the mouth is surrounded by four or eight tentacles with stinging cells or cnidocytes.

These cells fulfill a defense function and at the same time serve to search for food. Jellyfish feed on microorganisms, particularly zooplankton. Their movements are very limited and for this reason they do not travel long distances unless they are dragged by ocean currents. Medusa

Jellyfish bodies are 95% water and their body structure is symmetrical. Your digestive system is of great simplicity and digests food through your mouth, eliminating its waste through it.

They lack a nervous system and also have no brain . Your eyes can differentiate light from darkness and detect the presence of possible prey.

These animals are usually found near the surface of the sea and for this reason are very dangerous for bathers. Its stinging tentacles can cause skin lesions of some severity.

in greek mythology

The word medusa in Greek means guardian or protector. In mythological accounts the character of Medusa appears as a monster with the appearance of a woman . The men who stare at her turn to stone. Medusa was one of the three Gorgon sisters, who were daughters of Forcis and Ceto. Medusa

Unlike her sisters, Medusa was the only mortal and at the same time the most beautiful. Her beauty aroused the interest of the god Poseidon and for this reason he defamed her in the temple of Athena. Upon hearing the news, the goddess Athena reacted angrily and decided to turn Medusa into a cruel and bloodthirsty monster.

Despite the punishment, the goddess Aphrodite was jealous of Medusa’s beautiful hair and for this reason turned her hair into snakes. Even though she was considered a monster, Medusa maintained her provocative and sensual appearance and could mesmerize anyone who looked at her. Medusa

The Medusa myth has been studied by psychoanalysts and is a symbol of the feminist movement. Medusa’s head is also the logo of the famous Italian fashion brand called Versace.

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