What is Mechanography (Typing) definition/concept

For thousands of years humans have written their documents by hand using bird feathers and ink. The shaft of the pen had a space that served as a reservoir for the ink and from which it reached the tip of the pen. As time went by, the pencil with graphite appeared, then the ballpoint pen and finally the pen. Mechanography

However, in the 19th century, a new revolutionary system of writing appeared: the typewriter

To learn to write by hand it was necessary to exercise through calligraphy, whereas to write with a typewriter one had to learn mechanography.

The keyboard of a typewriter is designed so that all fingers are manipulated. The mechanography courses were based on the following sections:

1) distribution of the letters that make up the keyboard;

2) practical exercises to achieve minimal skill;

3) when the student already knows the keyboard and is able to write without looking, it is necessary to practice to reach a certain speed when writing.

The mechanography specialist who is professionally engaged in writing on the typewriter is called a mechanographer.

This profession was normally exercised by women.

Nowadays, this type of labor category has practically disappeared, since stenotypy is a technique that allows achieving more speed than conventional mechanography. Anyway, there are still mechanography courses, as writing quickly on a keyboard is very useful for all kinds of professional activities.

Typing and Mechanography are synonymous terms

The technique to type by type receives two names: typing or mechanography. Both are equivalent, the only difference being the nomenclature used. Thermotyping is composed of two words of Greek origin: dactylo which means finger and graphia which means writing. Mechanography comes from the combination: machine and spelling.

In addition to these two words that can be used in one way or another, the most important thing is that in this activity all the fingers of the hands are used without the need to resort to sight. Otherwise, typing would be a slow and uncomfortable activity.

Although both words are equivalent, it is advisable to use the term Office Machinery, for typing word can end up confusing with another: a fingerprinting ( discipline that studies the techniques to identify fingerprints).

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