What is Massif definition/concept/elaboration

Like many other words in our language, the word massive has several meanings and meanings. It can refer to a mountainous structure , a type of material, or a feature of the human body. Massif

a mountainous massif

The mountain as a geographical accident has many names. In addition to the mountain, there is the mount , the hill, the hill, the peak, the mountain range, the mountain range or massif, among others. Each expresses a specific peculiarity. In the case of the mountainous massif, it is a set of mountains that are generally very high in size, uniform, with steep slopes and with faults or cracks in the terrain at its base. This entire mountainous structure forms a compact geological set. This term is sometimes used to specify a particular mountain, such as the Anapurna massif.

In mountain terminology, the word mass designates the main structure of a mountain.

There are massifs on five continents. If we focus on the American continent , we can highlight the following: the Guayanico, the Brazilian, the Patagonian and the Canadian.

Some materials are considered solid when they stand out for their hardness

When a material is compact and hard, it receives this qualification. Thus, a wood is solid when it has no holes in its interior. In this sense, some stones such as gold, granite, marble and slate also have a particular hardness; therefore they are considered solid stones. Massif

In relation to the human body

Physical strength, athletic appearance, and compact musculature are especially prized qualities. In this sense, men with strong looks are called massive. The same applies to the female sex, as it is said that a woman is “massive” when she draws attention to her appearance.

In relation to the use of this word is commonly used to praise the human body in a pleasant way. Anyway, a massive person is somehow someone strong, robust, full-bodied and healthy.

Other less frequent uses

When a set of plants presents a uniform and dense appearance, this term is also used. In architecture it is used to refer to a part of the wall that is located between two hollow structures or with an opening. Among fishermen the massif is a poor quality bait . Massif

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