What is Massage Therapy definition/concept

Massage techniques can be directed therapeutically. In this case, one speaks of massage therapy, a discipline integrated into the field of physiotherapy .

When a person feels pain in some part of the body, the spontaneous reaction is to place a hand over the painful area. This intuitive action is at the root of a therapeutic tradition that dates back to antiquity (in Greek Hippocratic medicine treatises there are already references to the various techniques of medicinal massage).

The specific techniques and movements of massage therapy provide numerous benefits

Manual maneuvers exert a mechanical force on the body and thus tissue recovery is possible. The therapeutic dimension of massage includes several aspects: it relieves the pain of contractures, improves circulation and repairs damaged tissues.

Massage is useful to alleviate body fatigue and muscle recovery (many athletes resort to a physiotherapy professional or massage therapy to enhance their physical performance). It must be taken into account that the manipulation movements have a preventive purpose and with them, possible injuries can be avoided.

From a psychological point of view, the techniques used serve to relieve stress and anxiety states .

Some of the most used techniques are the following: superficial sliding, superficial and deep friction, kneading, sliding, ischemic compression and inhibition of neuromuscular structures. These and other techniques are used in both health and sports.

Osteopathic natural medicine uses manual movements of massage therapy

This healing modality is based on a general principle: the human body must be understood as an integral structure . Consequently, the health of the organism depends on the balance between the different systems that make it up (nervous, bone, muscular, circulatory, etc.). Osteopaths look for the origin of the physical illness and as soon as they have a diagnosis they begin their treatment plan with a therapeutic purpose.

Osteopathy therapies are performed with body manipulation techniques. Many physiotherapists use this therapeutic branch to heal wounds, improve body posture or enhance the vasodilation of the arteries. Cranial sacral therapy is one of the techniques integrated with osteopathy (the structure of the skull and the lower part of the spine, also known as the sacrum, are manipulated through the pressure of the hands).

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