What is Mansion definition/concept/elaboration

When we think about the idea of ​​a house, every type of house comes to mind, from a humble shack to a more luxurious palace. Between one dwelling or another, there is a wide variety of words that refer to a dwelling, such as apartment, house, slum , shack, hut and a long list of possibilities. Mansion

Each of these denominations is related to the cultural tradition of a territory, the purchasing power of its residents and the materials used for its construction.

The aspect that best defines this type of home is its exclusivity.

The idea of ​​a mansion is often accompanied by a series of aspects linked to luxury and high social status . In this sense, most mansions usually have a high number of outbuildings, as well as garden areas, ample parking space for vehicles, a swimming pool and a series of associated elements, for example, sophisticated security systems and a leisure area .

For a house to be evaluated as a mansion, it must, above all, be located in an area far from the mass urban space and have some special charm, for example, close to the sea, with mountain views or any other differentiator. Naturally, this type of house is only available to a minority of the population with an above-average income level . In this sense, it is common for the mansions to be inhabited by famous characters, with large fortunes or who are part of a select group.

In some cases, the mansion can be integrated into an urban space. This phenomenon is quite common, as it must be taken into account that the urban growth of many cities has meant that some mansions that previously only included exclusive areas, are now located within cities. Anyway, most of them have their own personality , whether for their architectural style or any other differentiating element.

Each mansion expresses the personality and lifestyle of those who live in it.

When someone lives in a modest shack, it is very likely that it is a person with few economic resources and social circumstances framed in marginality.

On the other hand, the mansion represents wealth, well-being and, in the final analysis, is the symbol of a social elite. Other types of housing are equally elitist, such as a palace, a farm, a castle or the British country house.

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