What is Management Model definition/concept

A theoretical framework that integrates different activities constitutes a model. In relation to the idea of management , we refer to the system through the organization of an activity. Therefore, the concept of management model refers to the scheme or theoretical representation that carries out a process.

Models in the business world

Although this concept is applied to several areas (for example, in education or health), it is in the business field that it is most used.

Regardless of the size of a company or its industry, any company must design strategies or measures in order to achieve certain goals. The measures adopted must cover several aspects: logistics, human resources , finance, services and marketing. All these elements are part of a management model.

The hierarchical model is the most traditional one , in which a company plans its activity with a structure aimed at the top management and a series of intermediate and basic positions as subordinates.

There is a management model based on the elimination of intermediaries (for example, when a company contacts its customers via the Internet ).

Franchises are also another possible approach, which consists of establishing a contractual relationship between independent companies, a franchisor and other franchisees

The first has industrial property rights and creates a business model , while the second is the one that acquires the rights to the franchisor company’s brand.

Cooperatives arise when members of a business community organize themselves around a common need or interest. The members of a cooperative are members of an organization and act in solidarity and according to the principles of mutual help.

Quality management in the management model

In addition to the management model of each company, in recent years, the issue of quality has acquired special relevance.

The quality management model refers to the pursuit of excellence in a product or service. The concept of quality has an integral meaning, as it encompasses both the product or service that will be sold as well as its production process or customer service. To make this possible, quality standards are established, with ISO being the best known.

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