What is Mammalogy definition/concept

The zoological is integrated within biology and focuses the study animals as a whole. However, there are several specific branches of zoology and one of them is the mammozoology. As an object of study, it focuses on mammalian animals. Mammalogy

The word mastozoology was first used in France in the 19th century. French zoologists established the term mastozoology, which consists of three words of Greek origin: mastos means breast, zoon means animal and logia means study.

General characteristics of mammals

The physiological characteristics of these animals are as follows: they have mammary glands, puppies are born from their mother’s womb, have fur covering their body (except marine mammals) and in relation to the extremities there is a wide range of possibilities (dogs have legs , bats have wings and whales have fins).

In relation to their food , there are herbivores (cow or horse), carnivores (lion) and omnivores (chimpanzee and man). Mammalogy

Another if two features is lung breathing.

Almost all mammals get around on foot, but there are some that fly and some that swim, such as otters and dolphins.

They mostly live on land, although there are marines. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures (the polar bear is adapted to living in sub-zero temperatures and the camel lives in very hot regions). Some mammals can live both in water and on land, such as seals. Mammalogy

The classification of zoology

Zoology classifies living things and divides animals into two sections: general zoology and special zoology. The first includes sub-areas such as morphology, physiology, anatomy , embryology and histology. The second refers to the taxonomic issue, that is, the organization or classification of animals based on a division that goes from the general to the specific ( animal kingdom , phylum, class, order, family, genus and species ). Mammalogy

Zoologists also study the fossil remains of animals that have gone extinct. This area is known as paleozoology. On the other hand, geozoology studies the relationship of animals with their geographical environment.

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