What is Malpractice definition/concept

Malpractice is the opposite of skill, that is, the ability or dexterity to perform an action. It is said that a person is incompetent in an activity when he is especially incompetent in its execution, when he does not have sufficient experience, or in cases where satisfactory attention is not being paid.

In Portuguese, there are many synonyms, such as inability, incompetence or incapacity.

Demosthenes and his initial incapacity as an orator

Demosthenes lived in Athens in the IV century; C. From a young age I dreamed of being a great speaker. However, he had two problems that seemed insurmountable: he couldn’t pay a teacher to teach him the art of public speaking, and on the other hand, he was a stutterer and had a very high-pitched voice. Malpractice

When he gave his first speech, the audience laughed at him, as his inability to speak made him nervous and made him stutter even more than usual. His obvious inability to use language did not make him abandon his project. From that moment on, he began to train hard to learn public speaking.

So that no one would see him speaking out loud, he isolated himself for months. He put small stones in his mouth and tried several times to articulate the words correctly and in the right tone of voice. Another of his techniques was to put a knife in his mouth and try to speak at the same time. With great persistence and long training, Demosthenes overcame his limitations and became one of the greatest speakers of the Athenian assembly. Through his speeches he sought to make the Athenians oppose the expansionist ambition of Philip of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great. Malpractice

in the legal field

When a person commits an imprudence as a result of their inadequacy, their lack of skill, it cannot be considered an exclusionary in a court of law .

In legal terms, it speaks of recklessness or negligence. The behavior reckless is understood as one that is carried out without adequate precautions. Negligence is any action performed irregularly and contrary to an established norm (for example, when a driver does not respect the red light or when a doctor does not comply with the established protocol to cure a patient).

In the sphere of criminal law, the concept of malpractice is related to the idea of ​​guilt. In other words, within a performance it usually means guilt. Malpractice

In a classical Latinism of Roman law, malpractice is said to carry guilt (imperitia culpae adnumeratur). This means that a malpractice foul is punished in proportion to the damage or injury caused.

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