What is Magnetic Field/meaning/concept

Magnets are used in a variety of ways. With them it is possible to collect metal objects or make an orientation compass. Magnetic Field

On the other hand, many electrical appliances have a magnet in their motors and thanks to it electricity is produced.

Anyway, magnets generate a magnetic force and the area around them is called the magnetic field. This field is in reality the force that experiences a particle movement within this area . The origin of this force comes from the movement of electrical charges.

It is a particularity that exists in the whole of nature.

electromagnetic theory

This theory is focused on describing the laws that govern electrical and magnetic phenomena. In this sense, electromagnetism studies the disturbance of space as a consequence of the action of an electric charge or a magnet.

In short, electricity allows the creation of a magnetic field and, in parallel, magnetism can produce electricity.

The Earth has a strong magnetic field that acts as a protective barrier

It can be said that the Earth behaves like an immense magnet. In this sense, its geographic north pole coincides with the magnetic south pole and, conversely, its geographic south pole coincides with the magnetic north pole.

More than 3000 kilometers below the earth is the liquid core of the planet formed of molten iron. This substance provides an invisible force field, also known as the Earth’s magnetic field.

Thanks to this protective shield, magnetism flows around the planet. Without the action of this force, we would not be protected against the radiation of space and space weather . On the other hand, the Earth’s magnetic field acts as a protective barrier against solar action (the solar wind cannot penetrate the magnetic shield and remains floating around the Earth without causing damage).

If this field were to disappear, solar radiation could not be prevented from invading the atmosphere and such an effect would have devastating consequences.

Scientists argue that just as electrical currents from the bottom of the Earth produce the magnetic field, so does this field produce electrical currents.

This feedback phenomenon is explained by the constant movement of the liquid metal in the Earth’s core. This means that at the center of the Earth there is a kind of closed circuit where electrical forces produce magnetism and this provides electricity.

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