What is Maelstrom/concept/elaboration

The feminine noun voragem comes from Latin and means whirlpool. From this original meaning, this word has three meanings. Maelstrom

Voyage in the aquatic environment

At sea, in a river or in a lake, strong eddies can occasionally occur that cause shipwrecks or drowning people. Thus, when one hears the phrase “A whirlpool in the sea caused the sinking of a small vessel” it refers to this natural phenomenon.

The word maelstrom is therefore synonymous with whirlpool. In this sense, it should be noted that not all whirlpools are equal. Some of them are very particular, such as the Maelstrom, a giant whirlpool that acts as a crushing current.

Intense and contradictory passions

The feeling of a passion can be intense and sometimes disorderly. The lover feels, on certain occasions, love and hate at the same time and this contradiction is evaluated as a maelstrom or whirlwind of feelings .

The maelstrom concept can also be applied in situations involving betrayal, disappointment or despair. As with eddies in the aquatic environment , there are some similar feelings as we are absorbed by a force we cannot control. Maelstrom

confusing situations

In situations where there is confusion, a tumult of people or a social disorder , the term maelstrom is used. In this sense, it is customary to speak of a maelstrom of events, which refer to a chaotic situation full of difficulties.

The language of nature projected to humanitarian situations

When we refer to an event in nature, we use the word maelstrom and its meaning is projected to human situations where confusion and chaos prevail (the confusion can be in the individual’s own spirit or deal with a situation that occurs in the middle of the street). The word voragem reminds us that this type of parallelism between the language of nature and human reality is quite common in everyday language. Maelstrom

So when we live strong sentimental relationships we call them “turbulent relationships”; when in a place there is a bad atmosphere among people, it is said that they can “cut the air”; and when someone regains optimism they say that again, “the sun comes out” in their heart.

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