What is Luminous Contamination definition/concept

There are several types of light contamination that rob the environment of its quality . Light can also be a source of contamination, as shown by the excessive role played by artificial lighting in large cities, where large businesses and surfaces are more present than in other places. Luminous Contamination

The presence of this type of contamination is greater in developed countries. When we are in a city that has a lot of light, we observe the sky and cannot see the stars clearly. On the contrary, in the tranquility of a small town, we can even appreciate the magic of a shooting star traveling across the vastness of the sky.

Abuse of artificial light

However, it should be noted that there is another concept of light contamination. It is the one that makes us focus our attention on the functional errors of lighting that, due to their placement, do not adequately or precisely illuminate a place. Luminous Contamination

For example, a streetlamp lighting the street should evenly lighten the ground, rather than sending the spotlight to the sky (light contamination). Contamination can also be produced by light poles that are not so well designed or by using light at times that are not needed. All of this leads to more energy consumption than you really need.

Furthermore, light contamination negatively affects the safety of drivers and pedestrians, as it produces a visual dazzle. Lighting levels in cities must be adjusted to meet real security needs. Place lighting poles so that there are no obstacles to visibility. For example, in more wooded areas, lamps should be placed at a greater height. Luminous Contamination

Obstacles of this type of contamination

This excess of street light also enters houses through the window and therefore can make it difficult to rest due to the night. Light pollution also affects the work astronomers perform in observing the sky, since contaminated cities are not conducive to contemplating the sky. And that means a loss of beauty heritage for a given population . Luminous Contamination

It’s not that the higher the light level, the greater the security. The essence is a good placement of the means related to the objective in question.

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