What is Love Triangle definition/concept

In a couple relationship , all kinds of feelings appear. Among them, we can highlight passionate love, affection, hate and jealousy. In addition to feelings and passions, within a couple’s relationship, an element of discord, a third person , can emerge . When this happens, there is talk of a love triangle.

general outline of a triangle

Most triangles present a conflict  situation . One of the protagonists is attracted to another person who is not his partner, and then he is faced with a dilemma: to end the relationship and try a new one with the third person or else renounce the love of this third person for some reason. Of course, there is another alternative path: to maintain a parallel relationship with the initial love and the new love. Love Triangle

Anyway, there are three figures: one who doubts, the victim who ignores his partner’s feeling for another person, and finally, the third person in discord or new love. This scheme is the most common, but it is not the only one. It should be noted that couples often make a pact of a more open relationship and allow the other to have a relationship with a third party.

Triangular relationships are associated with complex feelings such as guilt, betrayal or deceit. Anyway, the existence of a love triangle is worrying because it presents itself as a threat to monogamy and against the idea of ​​marital fidelity.

The love triangle is older than the geometry triangles themselves

From a historical point of view, the geometry known to this day began with Euclid, in the 3rd century BC On the other hand, the love triangle does not have a precise date, as it is a reality as old as humanity itself. In this sense, it is worth remembering that in the Iliad, Ulysses’ character is inserted in a love triangle, as he wants to return with his wife Penelope, but on the way he encounters the charming Calypso. The character Penelope is also in a triangular conflict , as she awaits the arrival of her husband and at the same time finds herself wanted by other men who love her.

Polyamory is a possible solution to the conflict of the love triangle

Triangular relationships are often problematic and painful for some of its protagonists. There is no definitive recipe for resolving this type of conflict , but the polyamory approach can reduce the guilt associated with triangular relationships.

In the same way that the word polyamory suggests, it is about maintaining different sentimental relationships at the same time. Thus, if the couple is a supporter of polyamory, it is possible to incorporate the triangle with all normality and without mistakes.

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