What is Lollapalooza definition/concept

Music festivals are massive events with international projection. One of the most renowned and is Lollapalooza has been performed since 1991. This is an event that has the protagonist groups alternative rock, heavy metal punk and Indie. Most of the audience belongs to Generation X, those born between the 60s and 70s after the baby boom.

Singer Perry Farrel from the band Jane’s Addiction is the founder of the festival

According to Perry Farrell’s version, the curious term that gives name to the event comes from one of the performances of the North American comedians group “The Three Stooges”. The word is supposed to refer to an unexpected, surprising, and exceptional circumstance. Lollapalooza

In the first editions, the festival took place in Chicago and to complement the performances, circus shows, social campaigns and ecological food stalls were presented. Since 2011 it has been held in different cities around the world (for example, in 2011 in Santiago de Chile, 2012 in São Paulo and 2015 in Berlin). The 2018 edition was held in Santiago de Chile and, as usually happens, tickets sold out within hours of going on sale.

One of the most important international music festivals

Most editions have been a success, both for the great attendance of the public and for the quality of the bands. There are other circumstances that explain its popularity: the live streaming service , the Lollabus private transport, the effective access controls, the children’s area (LollaKids) and the side shows. Lollapalooza has become a powerful music entertainment brand and in July 2018, 120,000 tickets were sold in a few hours for the 2019 edition in Argentina (festival fans don’t know who will be performing, but they trust the organizers’ musical selection). Lollapalooza

Legendary bands and artists passed through its stages: Los Bunkers, Empire of the Sand, Two Door Cinema Club, Kings of Leon, Bad Religion, Metallica, Flume, Oliver Heldens and Dillon Francis. The cultural impact goes beyond the boundaries of music, as the festival’s brand has already appeared in television series such as The Simpsons or South Park.

beyond the music

Lollapalooza is a clear example of the success of some music festivals. The public attends this event for several reasons: enjoying their favorite music, having a different vacation , meeting friends or simply being outdoors in an international environment where everyone understands the universal language of music.

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