What is Logistics definition/concept/elaboration

The term logistic comes from English, more specifically from the word logistic. This course studies all the elements and methods that make it possible to organize a company or a service . Logistics

The historical origin of logistics is found in the military sphere

The deployment of an army and corresponding war materiel is a matter of vital importance for military planning . In times of war the efficiency to store and transport the necessary technical elements is a fundamental issue for an army’s strategy, otherwise soldiers could suffer from a shortage of means to fight.

When an army is not well equipped and fed, it will most likely be defeated. This military context approach has been extrapolated to the business world. Logistics

The order necessary for the production of some goods to be as efficient as possible is established in business logistics

It is often said that logistics is like a bridge that connects two issues: production and market. Specialists in this area plan and manage a company’s resources so that its products start at their point of origin and end up with the final consumer. Anyway, it’s about meeting the consumer’s needs at the lowest possible cost .

Business logistics has two general items: process analysis and strategy analysis. In the first case, planning, inventories, supply policy and its management , product transport and distribution and supply centers are analyzed .

From the standpoint of strategy, logistics fulfills several functions: the product must be adequate, distributed in the most convenient quantities, stored correctly, reach the consumer in the required time

All of this done at a reasonable cost to consumers.

The professional responsible for synchronizing all these aspects is a specialist in business logistics. These technicians must coordinate a company’s suppliers, production companies and points of sale. The objective is to optimize processes so that the business result is the most economically profitable.

A logistics technician can perform all kinds of tasks: scheduling storage processes, planning the distribution of a product or service, establishing a stock policy, designing distribution centers, establishing quality standards, among other activities.

In the business world there are different versions. One of them is dedicated to supply, another to distribution and the last to production.

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