What is Loci Method definition/concept

One of the basic mental faculties is memory, that is, the ability to retain information . To exercise and enhance memory there are several mnemotechnical techniques or procedures. One of them is the well-known Loci Method , also called the “Palace of Memory”.

Fundamental idea of ​​the method and an illustrative example

This procedure is based on accumulating a series of data in memory through an account of events that run in a given space, as the house itself or some place that is familiar.

For example, a medical student needs to memorize a list of twenty illnesses. At first, he imagines his own home and puts each of the illnesses in his mind. In this sense, inside the garage, he introduces the most general diseases. In the room he incorporates the most specific and in the bathroom he puts the group of rarer diseases.

In this way, the medical student will be able to retain in memory a complete list using the technique of mentalizing the rooms of his house. Loci Method

The origin of the method comes from Ancient Greece

When there were no devices to store information, it was very important to use memory capacity. For centuries memory has been considered one of the most valuable mental functions.

According to the account of historian Herodotus, the creator of mnemotechnics was the Greek poet Simonides de Céos. One day Simonides was at a party and a room collapsed. Thanks to his memorization system , he was able to remember each of the objects that were in the room. For that, he made a “mental trip” and related everything that was in that place. Loci Method

Simonides’ system was the first step in developing the art of memory. The various mnemonic strategies are especially important as study techniques for remembering all kinds of information.

The mnemotechnical rules try to harmonize the accumulation of hard data with some fun and smooth story. On certain occasions, the retained words become linked by joining the first syllables or creating original sentences to facilitate memorization.

This type of strategy allows memory not to be based on a simple repetition of data. Loci Method

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