What is Linseed Oil definition/concept

Flax is a plant ( scientific name linum usitatissium) obtained from a seed that is called linseed. This seed is used to produce the well-known flaxseed oil. Linseed Oil

It is a vegetable type oil (such as olive, soybean, sunflower or corn) and one of its characteristics is the preservation of its properties, since it is extracted through a cold pressure process that allows it to maintain its nutrients.

In the area of ​​natural medicine and home remedies, the use of flaxseed oil is very varied

It is indicated for slimming purposes. Because it is rich in Omega 3, it facilitates circulation, reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure and its frequent consumption prevents some types of cancer, for example, colon and prostate cancer. It is also recommended for use externally to heal certain burns or prevent hair loss. Some doctors consider the flaxseed oil diet to be a strategy to reduce the potential for cancer.

Although this oil has good supporters, there are sectors of medicine that question its benefits. In fact, it is not advisable to consume it in case of  pregnancy, to combine it with some medications or in cases of people with coagulation deficiency . Thus, despite its advantages and possible inconveniences, it is advisable to carry out a medical consultation to establish the appropriate doses and their compatibility.

In the world of painting, linseed oil is often used

In oil painting, you can obtain greater adherence to colors and serve as a protective layer. At the same time, with a touch of this oil one can obtain more fluidity and smoothness in the finishing of a pictorial work, more particularly in the portrait technique .

The properties of linseed oil are applied in the field of cosmetics, especially when it is elaborated with artisanal or homemade criteria. Its essential fatty acids (especially Omega3) are valued to improve skin texture. For this reason, anti-wrinkle creams with flaxseed oil are manufactured.

In the world of DIY and home maintenance , linseed oil has many uses. It is used for the care and protection of external tiles or for the maintenance of dark wood furniture.

Finally, line oil stands out for its multiple functions: as a condiment for some foods, as a substance intended for health, as an element in certain painting techniques and also as a cosmetic product or linked to home decoration.

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