What is Lesbophobia definition/concept

Love relationships between women are known by the term lesbianism. On the other hand, phobia is behavior that manifests rejection or fear of something. Lesbophobia

Consequently, the term lesbophobia expresses aversion to women who have sexual and affective inclinations towards other women.

A form of violence against women

Homosexuality has two versions: male and female. Those who oppose this fact are homophobic. Thus, lesbophobia is a type of homophobia specifically aimed at women who live their sexuality far from the heterosexual tendency.

Lesbians, also known as sapatonas, biscuits, among other derogatory terms, were and continue to be attacked by some sectors of society . The contempt for them is manifested in ways quite different: insults, physical aggression, exclusion at work or invisibility in the media communication . Lesbophobia

At the same time, lesbophobia seeks to justify itself through arguments that claim that love between women is a disease or a pathological deviation. From a moral point of view , the person who has lesbophobia believes that the affective bond between women is an aberration, a sin and an immorality.

In short, all expressions convey a dose of violence . Sometimes the violence is explicit and in most cases it is invisible and subtle violence. In any case, LGTBI groups claim that people’s sexual orientation is not a reason for discrimination in any sense.

Transphobia, biphobia and homophobia

Transphobia refers to any attitude of rejection against transsexuals, that is, those whose gender does not correspond to their sexual identity .

When the aversion or rejection is aimed at people with bisexual tendencies, it is referred to as biphobia. The word homophobia, on the other hand, refers to the repudiation or rejection of any form of homosexuality. Lesbophobia

Other Phobias Against People

Caliginephobia, also known as the Alice Complex or Venustraphobia, refers to the fear of a beautiful woman. This type of phobia is a form of Gynophobia or aversion to women in general.

When the phobia is directed at fat people it is an obesophobia. However, when fear or rejection refers to people as a whole, it is anthropophobia. Lesbophobia

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