What is Lecture definition/concept/elaboration

A lecture is someone’s exposition of certain ideas. It is a very common practice in the academic world. Who performs is a speaker and, usually, it is an individual with extensive knowledge of a topic and who wants to pass to a certain audience.

In the area of ​​ ​​research, it is quite common to hold conferences or congresses, through which various specialists get together to share their knowledge about a particular discipline . Within this context, lectures are held, that is, the presentation of a subject that will be addressed. Each lecture allows for a particular view and involves a process of prior investigation .

What are the bases?

The speaker seeks to synthesize broad information so that his speech does not extend too far, making it pleasant and fun. Lecture

The purpose of a lecture is for the audience to learn new knowledge (it can be theoretical or practical). Generally, those who attend a lecture are qualified professionals who are prepared to understand the speaker‘s reflections or proposals.

In most cases, the content of the lectures is transcribed or recorded in order to make them known and thus be consulted later.

The word is the medium used in most lectures

However, very useful complementary supports are used, such as Power Point, which is in fashion and is widely used in these lectures.

Communication specialists consider that the fundamental of any lecture is the adequacy of its content and the audience that will be addressed Lecture

This premise is fundamental, as it would make no sense to explain something that is not understood by the participants. Another relevant aspect is the speaker‘s ability to communicate , since what is said and how it is said is very important. For this reason, professional speakers can receive advice to improve their public speaking .

The traditional format of a lecture has changed in recent years. Not only for the use of Power Point, but especially for the possibility of being in one place and communicating with the public from another place, that is, the teleconference exists as a new Communication tool. Lecture

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