What is Law of Attraction definition/concept

The law of attraction is a theory of universal prosperity that starts from the thesis that the universe is a magical provider of desires. That is, when the individual tunes in with the positive energy of the universe and asks for their desires, the universe listens and sets them in motion to fulfill them. The law of attraction starts from the premise of thinking as a magnet to attract what you really want. That is, when you connect with a true purpose in life, you can visualize in your mind images that inspire hope and happiness.

And from that moment on, when you stand firm in this constructive inner dialogue, you can believe in your dreams and fight for them. From the point of view of the law of attraction, there are many possibilities to make this goal a reality . The quintessential book that became a best seller through its exposure to the benefits of the law of attraction is “The Secret”.

Being in tune with the universe

The Law of Attraction looks at how unconscious thoughts can be a brake on our personal development. For example, limiting thoughts like “I can’t” or “I’m lucky,” blocks positive heart energy from getting in touch with the beautiful side of life. For the law of attraction to have a true meaning, the human being must ask his wishes to the universe with the full conviction that he can be heard and know that those wishes will come true. That is, the desires must be positive, hopeful, with conviction and joy . law of attraction

For example, if you are willing to date and find a partner, start acting this way so that your wish becomes a reality. From the point of view of this theory, the human being is part of a universe that constantly sends out signals. That is, when you live attentive and conscious, you can observe certain signs that show you the path to such a dream.

Your thinking is a magnet

The law of attraction is a mental strength tool to attract what you most want. However, for the universe to understand your message , it must send it in a positive way, not by default. For example, it is not good to send a message like “I want to quit smoking”, but rather “I will have a healthy lifestyle”. law of attraction

As the term attraction implies, you are a magnet. A magnet of good things when it connects with the frequency of existence. That is, when it is in line with the cosmic order that flows into perfection. For this, it is important to have thoughts of abundance and prosperity to build a destiny filled with happiness. That is, you are the creator of your world map.

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