What is Latex definition/concept/elaboration

Some plants have a cellular structure in their roots and leaves called laticiferous, from which latex is obtained. It is a creamy whitish substance formed by a complex combination of elements: water, organic resins, proteins, starch and carbohydrates . Therefore, latex is a natural substance that turns into an especially elastic material. From a botanical point of view, latex was identified in the 17th century by French researcher Charles Marie de la Condamine.

How can it be obtained?

This raw material is extracted from the rubber tree and for that it follows a very simple procedure: in the bark of the tree several V-shaped incisions are made and from these grooves a white sap flows which finally turns into latex. The rubber tree is not harmed in this process , since the eliminated secretion facilitates its regeneration. Latex

Many mattresses are made of latex

This raw material stands out for its elasticity. On the other hand, it is a hard and flexible material. All this makes this material suitable for making comfortable surfaces, especially mattresses. There are thousands of articles made with latex, most of them for the sanitary and textile sector.

Mattresses made with latex have two versions: natural and synthetic. The first ones are recognized for having a label that indicates their 100% natural origin, which represents a guarantee of quality . These mattresses stand out for their excellent adaptation to the shape of the body.

In its synthetic modality, mattresses are manufactured with petroleum derivatives and with a natural latex coating. Both versions must be correctly certified so that the consumer knows the raw material of the mattress he will buy.

Healing properties and possible allergy

In the field of alternative medicine, some varieties of natural latex are said to have healing properties, as they act as a healing substance to relieve stomach ulcers and eliminate worms. Remember, on the other hand, that some people are allergic to latex and when this happens it is important to avoid contact with any material that contains this substance.

In the programming world

In 1984, Leslie Lamport envisioned a new language of programming and named Latex (this language was inspired by a previous call Tex). This programming system is used to create high-quality typographic documents and is widely used when editing books that include expressions of a mathematical type.

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