What is Laminate Flooring definition/concept

For floor coverings there is a wide range of options and one of them is laminate flooring. It is a synthetic material that imitates wood and has several layers in its composition (a protector, a designer, a plastic resin center and a support layer to prevent humidity). This choice brings elegance, simplicity and comfort to the space. Laminate Flooring

Guidelines for your installation

For its placement, adequate preparation is necessary. In the first place , the boards must be removed and the boxes remain outside the original wrap in order to acclimate (this process takes approximately 72 hours). One layer of the floor and baseboards must be removed. Obviously, you must measure the room and take into account that the blades tend to expand rapidly in the days following their placement. To hide the joints of the slats, they must be placed perpendicular to the windows, as this way these joints are hidden.

Then the boards are cut with a saw and assembled with tongues. The two pieces are pressed together. Laminate Flooring

Guidelines for getting good maintenance

Laminate floors require some maintenance. In this sense, dust should be removed regularly, using a microfiber broom with disposable cloths or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. With these procedures, it is possible to avoid the floor risks caused by accumulated residues. For this type of floor, it is advisable not to use cleaning systems that produce risks, such as conventional brooms.

When a liquid is spilled on the floor, it should be removed immediately, otherwise it may damage the floor’s protective layer (a soft cloth can be used to absorb excess liquid). The cleaning of the floor must be done from the bottom towards the outside of the house, as this way they do not form footprints on the damp floor and marks are avoided. Specialists in this material recommend cleaning it thoroughly every two months, for this it is advisable to mix a quarter cup of vinegar with a liter of water (place the mixture in a spray container and spray the solution in small areas). Laminate Flooring

Advantages and disadvantages

This type of floor is generally well priced and can be placed mostly. It is a resistant and easy-to-clean material. However, laminate floors do not absorb sound and produce a hollow noise when walking on them, on the other hand, their installation in damp areas can cause the floor to deform. Laminate Flooring

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