What is Kyoto Protocol definition/concept

The warming global caused by the greenhouse effect is causing all kinds of problems that affect the whole planet. Among these problems, we can highlight three: climate changes that destabilize natural processes, an accelerated desertification of large territories and the gradual disappearance of glaciers. Kyoto Protocol

This situation does not happen spontaneously, it is human action that causes it.

The Kyoto protocol is an agreement of the international community to combat the effects of climate change

In 1997, the UN launched the so-called Kyoto Protocol in order to significantly reduce emissions associated with the greenhouse effect. This agreement was initially ratified by over 150 countries. However, there are nations that generate high levels of pollution that have not ratified the agreement, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, China and Russia. Kyoto Protocol

The fundamental idea of ​​the Protocol is to initiate a new globalized path in relation to climate change.

This general agreement contains specific objectives for the most industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse emissions caused by human action in industrial processes.

On the other hand, the Protocol is intended to address global problems that affect the environment .

Despite the goals being well defined, it can be categorically stated that they were not achieved. In fact, in 2012, carbon dioxide emissions increased significantly from previous decades.

A new attempt at global agreement

In 2015 there was the Paris Conference on climate change with the objective of redirecting the failed attempt of the Kyoto Protocol. In this new climate summit, the aim is to prevent a temperature increase of more than two degrees before 2020. If this limit is exceeded, the effects of warming could be catastrophic.

On the other hand, this summit sought the commitment of developed countries and those in the process of development. One of the proposed measures was to create a green climate fund to help the most vulnerable countries.

Both the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Conference are proposals that plan a challenge for all of humanity. Climatology experts argue that by the end of the century a dramatic situation could occur if the necessary measures are not taken.

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