What is Kosher definition/concept/elaboration

The two Hebrew words, kosher and kashrut, refer to the culinary norms of the Jewish people. These norms come from the sacred texts, but especially from Leviticus. In this way, when a food is kosher it means that its consumption is authorized for the Jewish community . Food laws are strict, but not all Jews follow them. 

Culinary prohibitions have a spiritual meaning

For Jews food is divided into two categories: pure and impure. From a religious point of view, the food we eat allows the human soul to live within the body in harmony . Kosher

Kosher food is not simply right or adequate, as this concept also serves to ensure food quality .

Pork is not allowed in the Jewish religion, as the pig is an impure animal that feeds on any food. You can eat the meat of ruminant animals with split hooves, you can’t eat the meat of rabbits, snakes and some birds. Not even the camel, because despite being a ruminant his hoof is not broken.

In relation to foods of aquatic origin, those with fins and scales can be consumed.

Other complementary standards Kosher

The consumed animals must be sacrificed according to a ritual (shejitá). Thus, the animal cannot die from natural causes or disease , and sacrifice with a single deep cut in the throat with a knife is mandatory (in addition to shejita, Jewish establishments guarantee that the meat sold does not have any type of hormone).

The sacrificed animal must be bled, as its blood is equally impure. On the other hand, fat from some parts of the body must also be eliminated.

Likewise, meat and dairy products cannot be consumed together. Wine made using the treading technique is also not accepted by the rabbis. Kosher

Quality control offers maximum guarantees

All kosher products are free of hormones or any transgenic procedure. The quality control of food is thoroughly supervised.

In most territories where there are large Jewish communities, there are specialized establishments.

Quality certificates can be extended to any type of product (for example, in Mexico, kosher tequila is sold and in this way the consumer knows that the plant from which it is obtained is free from pests).

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