What is Kleptocracy/meaning/concept

Klepto means robbery in Greek and cracia means form of government. Therefore, the kleptocracy concept expresses that the government of a people is based on theft. In other words, those who run these institutions are dedicated to personal enrichment and various forms of political corruption. Kleptocracy

Kleptocracy becomes evident in many ways: through financial scandals involving the state , political representatives linked to money laundering or capital flight, various forms of clientelism and a long list of illegal procedures that are closely associated with political activity. No matter what are the mechanisms of corruption employees, broad sectors of society have the perception that the government of his country is corrupt.

Kleptocracy is a disease that affects political activity and society as a whole.

The exercise of politics presents two possible personal approaches: people involved to serve citizenship or those who use politics to defend their personal interests. Kleptocracy

The government of thieves can be part of a capitalist or communist regime, a democratic or dictatorial system , a government of the right or left, of a rich or poor country. The search for personal enrichment through political activity depends on the ethical values ​​of individuals and society as a whole.

If a person is convinced that his country is ruled by corrupt and thieves, this idea can have all sorts of consequences : not voting in elections, not trusting any political party or movement and even thinking, since politicians steal, the citizen also steal as far as possible.

The degeneration of politics is an issue that was addressed by philosophers like Plato or Aristotle 2500 years ago

Plato believed that democracy was an imperfect and undesirable system of government, as it produced social disorder and injustice , since they sent those who knew how to manipulate the masses and not the most capable. One of the evils of democracy is precisely kleptocracy.

According to Aristotle, democracy was a system of government with certain associated dangers:

1) that crowds imposed their will by resorting to violence ;

2) the collective will can be manipulated through demagoguery;

3) populist democratic regimes can lead to a despotic government to end up favoring kleptocracy.

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