What is Kingdom Plantae definition/concept

The Kingdom Plantae is a concept that belongs to the area of ​​Biology and refers to the group formed by all terrestrial plants, including from mosses to the great trees of the Amazon.

Valuable features of this world

As a general rule, it is usual for most of the plants to be rooted in the ground, so they are not displaced. Still, thanks to its reproduction by spurs or seeds, it is possible to extend to areas further away from its natural habitat.

The most common theory that explains the origin of today’s plants is their direct descent with primitive green algae, among which they share several biological traits such as the importance of cellulose in their composition or the presence of certain photosynthetic pigments. Kingdom Plantae

Plants are autotrophic beings, that is, they are responsible for producing their own food using inorganic matter. Even so, there are still few heterotrophic plants that are exceptions.

The green color of these plants comes from a pigment called chlorophyll and plays a fundamental role in the photosynthesis process .

The Reino Plantae groups together nearly half a million plant species that inhabit the various corners of the Earth, from the desert sands of the Sahara to the tropical forests of South America

Despite this, all these plants can be classified into four divisions: bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms.

The first of this division, bryophytes, include the most primitive plants such as mosses and liverworts. Its main characteristic is the lack of the vascular system , which greatly limits its size. On the contrary, the other three groups have certain vascular tissues, such as the xylem that carries water and minerals obtained in the soil, as well as the phloem that carries the food produced by the plant itself through photosynthesis. Kingdom Plantae

The second group formed by pteridophytes includes plants that reproduce through spurs, for example, ferns.

In the case of gymnosperms, their reproduction takes place through the bare seeds that are produced inside a cone, as in the case of pine trees.

And finally, angiosperms, just as they occur with plants from the previous group, they also reproduce by seeds, but in this case they are confined inside a fruit, as happens in flowering plants. Kingdom Plantae

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