What is Kamasutra definition/concept

The Kamasutra is an Indian text created by Vatsyayana recorded in the 4th to 6th centuries. It is a book dedicated to worshiping carnal love and where life comes from. The word Kama sutra derives from Kama, which means God of love, and from Sutra, which means norm.

This text originally written in Sanskrit has been translated to all languages. It is perhaps one of the best known books in the world and which is still in use today.

Carnal love as a means to reach Nirvana

The culture Indian see in carnal love sacred and philosophical, in which the different sexual positions are described both in the writing of the Kama Sutra as the ornament of a lot of sacred temples across India. This is the case of the Temple of Surya, located in the city of Konarak, where the erotic theme is used to worship the sun and which corresponds to God Surya. In this culture, cultivating carnal love was an important way to reach Nirvana , a state in which the soul frees itself from suffering as from its cycle of rebirth. Kamasutra

Kama Sutra, the oldest and still current manual on eroticism and sexuality

This text addresses several aspects related to the individual’s full life , which includes eroticism and sexuality as an important part of life. However, much of its content refers to the sexual preamble with techniques to kiss, bite and caress the partner in order to obtain sexual stimulation, as well as various types of sexual games, including how to caress the woman’s vagina or the man’s penis with the mouth, what we know today as oral sex.

An important part of the text illustrates the various positions that can be used during sexual intercourse. It comprises a total of 64 positions that complement each other with how to move and help the couple to achieve a greater degree of penetration and stimulation and thus reach a climax during sex.

The kama sutra does not limit sex to just one couple, it also includes group sex as part of the eroticism in the individual’s life.

Kama sutra: male, female and the third sex

Although the woman is completely relegated to the man, she enjoys the right to a full and satisfying sexuality. Many of the sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra give an active role for women during the relationship sexual, while the man works with a passive role with actions that provide more pleasure to your partner, as the caresses in erogenous zones such as breasts, clitoris and buttocks . Kamasutra

Another interesting aspect is the topic of homosexuality. The Hindu tradition considers that any being, regardless of its sexual phenotypic, is not completely female or male, including the possibility of a third sex that combines both. In this sense, the Kama sutra encompasses carnal love between individuals of the same sex. Kamasutra

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