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The search for professional outplacement is something that will always exist. There are numerous factors that justify this situation, whether it is dissatisfaction with the current reality or even the occurrence of a crisis. job placement

With the pandemic, for example, more employees had to leave their jobs and opt for replacement. While many believe that changing careers can be tricky, this is not always the case. It will, of course, require a lot of effort and planning. But with the help of the right professionals, outplacement tends to be successful.

In this sense, for companies that needed to dismiss some team members, helping former employees to relocate through outplacement is a great practice. Do you want to know how HR can be an ally in this process? Check out!

What is job placement?

First of all, we need to clarify what a professional outplacement actually is.

The professional outplacement period is one that involves all the steps until the conquest of a new opportunity, in line with what the employee intends to achieve in his/her life. Basically, it is the strategy of actions that will make the candidate achieve success in his area.

Still, it goes beyond getting a job: it is career management. But it doesn’t matter if the professional is a great executive or is in the beginning of his career, in general, the replacement will take time. Therefore, many decide to hire advisory or consulting services to guide them in a personalized way.

The HR of the companies, on the other hand, has been investing in providing follow-up with specialists so that terminated employees can be replaced. In an increasingly competitive market, offering this type of service is even a differentiator for organizations. job placement

How important is professional outplacement?

Now we understand what an outplacement is, but why is it so important?

We know that to be considered for the dream job, it is necessary to develop many factors to stand out in the job market: revised curriculum, interview simulations, service training, personal marketing and negotiation techniques, for example.

Still, when the professional is more prepared, the chances of receiving a hiring proposal are much greater. After all, you need to stand out from the rest of the candidates. Thus, as it is a time-consuming process, many end up facing adversity when having to do everything alone.

Finally, it is at this time that the HR of the company that is carrying out the layoffs can contribute so that former employees are relocated professionally.

Why do people look for professional outplacement?

There are several reasons that can lead a person to try to relocate professionally. Below, check out some of them.

Are looking for new challenges

Often, we are simply not satisfied with our work and feel stagnant, so we choose to take chances. In this case, the professional usually has more time to organize himself.

Dismissal from the company

Dismissals are one of the main motivators in the search for job placement. When a person is turned off, he has to relocate, even if it is against his will at the time. job placement

Losing a job is always a possibility and requires professionals to find another opportunity. Here, the ideal is for the company itself to provide support to the employee during this journey.

Want to move up in the career

Not having a career plan or feeling that its growth is not proportional to the results obtained, as well as the lack of future perspective in the company, can also drive the search for outplacement.

Dissatisfaction with the company

If salaries are very low or employees do not have a voice with their managers, for example, the professional can consider applying for other opportunities, which fit with what he/she expects from an organization.

lack of training

It is common for companies to demand a lot from their employees, but few actually invest in their professional training and education. For this reason, many feel unmotivated.

Area change

It is not uncommon to find professionals who, after years working in a certain area, decide to totally change the course of their professional lives. So, to get a good spot, they resort to outplacement.

How can HR help?

The HR planning layoffs , so it is extremely helpful when they think the outplacement of dismissed employees. This is because there is outplacement , which is when the company hires specialists to assist in the process. job placement

With this, the person will be guided after the leave, in order to find a suitable place for him/her. In this case, the benefits are several:

  • reduces the impacts of dismissal, as the professional feels valued and supported by the organization;
  • humanizes the situation, as it is perceived that there is greater concern for the people who work there and the image they have of the company is preserved;
  • strengthens professionals’ positive perception of the brand;
  • improvements in the relationship with the company, since former employees can nominate the institution in the future;
  • decrease in the number of labor lawsuits, due to the less traumatic experience (provided that all rights are guaranteed).

How can a career coach help?

To facilitate the career transition, it is interesting to use a coach. The coaching method will apply the concepts of self-knowledge, self-development and self-confidence so that the professional can be replaced according to his/her profile.

When facing a relocation, a candidate doesn’t always know what he or she wants when changing jobs, so your skills and abilities can help you get where you expect. In this case, it is the career coach who will guide the professional throughout the transition process. job placement

But how? With an action plan and specific tools, the coach supports and guides those in relocation, also working on behavioral and technical skills. In addition, both personal and professional needs will be considered so that priorities are balanced.

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