What is Job Analysis/meaning/concept

In order for a company’s employees to be satisfied with their activity, there are two key circumstances: salary and working conditions, on the other hand, the performance of tasks must be carried out and planned properly. Job Analysis

Fundamental aspects in the analysis of jobs

The evolution of posts is the tool that allows you to establish the importance and value of each post in relation to others in a company.

In a business organization there may be tens, hundreds or thousands of workers and each one of them has personal characteristics derived from their skills and personality . However, the design of a business planning model must take into account the characteristics of each job . Job Analysis

To organize a valid job strategy, it is necessary to establish a division of tasks according to the degree of responsibility:

1) a group of executives whose main function is to achieve results through others and to be part of a group of people with a first-level university education;

2) an occupational group of technical and administrative posts require partial higher education and, as a general rule, the occupants of these posts are responsible for their own work;

3) a group of operational posts that blend personal skills and technical knowledge.

Obviously, each occupational group is organized into labor categories. Job Analysis

How to design a job evaluation system?

A work evaluation system is formed by a set of norms and procedures that allow classifying the different categories. These rules must be applied by the organization’s human resources department . Some guidelines are as follows: Job Analysis

– establish an evaluation committee and incorporate the figure of an external advisor if necessary;

– gather the precise information of each job that must be fulfilled and establish an objective description of each one;

– describe each job according to precise criteria. In this description it is important to specify a series of data: where is the work and the specific knowledge required.

Finally, job analysis is used to organize the structure of a company, place it among the best conditions and be able to achieve its objectives. Job Analysis

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