What is It Girl definition/concept/elaboration

Certain famous women from the show business are authentic references in fashion. Their way of dressing, their hairstyles and the way they behave in front of the cameras have turned them into icons and millions of followers seek to imitate them. It can be said that they do not follow fashion, but create it. In today’s language , these women are known as “it girls”, whose Portuguese translation seems rather absurd (that girl).

This English name presents a curiosity, as calling a girl “it” is grammatically incorrect. However, qualifying a girl as “it” in English means that she has something very special, a kind of gift or personal touch related to style, beauty , charm and elegance.

The historical origin of it girls

The first reference associated with this type of woman can be found in “Mrs. Bathurst”, a short story by Rudyard Kipling, published in 1904 (in this short story the protagonist is a middle-aged widow woman who has a special aura and this quality sublime is expressed by the name It).

This initial idea was adopted by screenwriter Elinor Glyn, in 1927, in the film “It” (the main character of the film is Betty Lou and was played by the most glamorous actress of the moment, Clara Bow). In short, the world of it girls comes from a Nobel Prize for Literature and a silent film .

Six traits that characterize an it girl

  • – They are women with high purchasing power and a successful professional career.
  • – Their look and appearance border on perfection and for this reason they are the muses of great stylists.
  • – Although they are in fashion, they have a style that tends to transgress.
  • – In their public appearances do not go unnoticed.
  • – Very often your partners are also famous.
  • – An it girl is herself, a commercial product, which tends to have millions of followers on her Instagram account.

an influencer of the female universe

An it girl is an influencer, that is, someone who has become very popular through social media because public information is shared by thousands of followers.

People follow and share their interests and concerns on networks, such as fashion, music or any kind of trend. In a nutshell, its are opinion leaders who exert some influence in some sectors of society .

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