What is Iron Age definition/concept/elaboration

Iron is the metal that allows the construction of more solid buildings, large aircraft and all kinds of utensils for daily life. Iron and its ensemble are found everywhere and employed as an extension of ourselves. The history of iron began thousands of years ago in the so-called Iron Age.

From stone to iron, literally

When man created fire, he took the first step towards sedentary lifestyle. The next was the use of stone to create tools and build stronger buildings. Later, a new phase began: the Age of Metals. The first to be used was copper, then bronze and finally iron. Iron Age

According to archaeologists, about 6500 years ago, man began to manufacture objects using copper, a very malleable and ductile metal that, when melted, can become an ornament or any type of tool. Copper had certain limitations, as a sharp object could pierce it relatively easily. In this way, by adding tin to molten copper, a new alloy was formed, bronze. This is a stronger metal than copper and easier to work with.

The ancient civilizations of China and the Middle East were the first to begin casting bronze, an especially useful metal for making strong weapons. The Bronze Age established a social revolution that affected commerce and the economy as a whole . It is estimated that the use of iron began about 2500 years ago. This metal is the fourth most abundant element in the earth’s crust, making it possible to manufacture high-strength utensils. Iron Age

Upon discovering iron, a new direction in the history of metallurgy and technology began.

This metal became the main material for humanity and its hegemony was maintained for two thousand years. Cast iron by the skill of a blacksmith was used in the manufacture of all kinds of tools for agriculture , livestock and even for war. Iron Age

The use of iron represented a social change in all segments. With new, more effective tools for work activities, there was more time for other activities and entertainment. In this sense, it can be said that the introduction of iron was a decisive step towards the implementation of leisure.

It is believed that the Hittites used it first and for a long period of time kept the secret of its elaboration. Iron Age

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