What is Ion definition/concept/elaboration

The ion is an electrically charged particle and can be an atom when talking about very small particles or molecules if its size is larger.

For an ion to have an electrical charge it must gain or lose electrons due to the internal structure of the atoms. Ions form because they lose or gain electrons (this does not happen with protons and neutrons, as they are very close to the nucleus of the atom).

There are two types of ions: anions and cations

The anion is an ion that has a negative charge because it has gained electrons (a neutral fluor atom has around nine electrons and if it gains one more it has a total of ten, therefore, it has a greater negative charge). A cation is a chemical element that has a positive charge because they lose electrons (for example, if we have a neutral beryl atom with four electrons going around in its crust and two of them bounce for some reason, the beryl has two electrons that combine with the four protons are positive). Ion

In the periodic table of elements, metals tend to have a positive charge while non-metals usually have a negative charge because they gain electrons.

The negative ions are the positive ones.

Specialists in biomagnetism (magnetism applied to the phenomena of life) emphasize that negative ions are present in nature in places with a humid climate and where there is atmospheric condensation. In areas where this climate exists, there is usually greater social , cultural and artistic activity. Thus, although the negative term is unfavorable, in the case of ions it is not. Ion

From the principle of biomagnetism, it is understood that it is possible to use magnets to balance some maladjustment in our health. In this way, the body’s own electrical charges are regulated to regain lost health.

Theoretically, we can mention a series of positive aspects of our health caused by negative ions in the environment or by the implantation of magnets in the body: an improvement in our breathing , a stimulus for sexual activity, reproduction and a stimulus for our memory. Ion

Biomagnetism is a relatively recent discipline , so it still raises a lot of doubts regarding its effectiveness.

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