What is Involution definition/concept/elaboration

Anything that presents a gradual deterioration, wear or a setback undergoes an involution. It is a term that can be applied to different realities, whether political, social, business or biological.

A step back in social terms

Although the mechanism of natural selection and the theory of evolution explain the transformation of species, in the social sphere it is not so clear whether human beings have evolved or not. Some analysts believe that certain social phenomena are a clear symptom of an involution process.

In this sense, within economically advanced societies there are still deep inequalities, violent situations or loss of civil rights that reveal a social decline and, therefore, a certain involution.

in the business world

Every company aims to improve its production and increase its profit . When this does not logically occur, it produces an involution. There are different causes that can explain this phenomenon: poor location , low wages, companies not adapting to technological changes or lack of competitiveness.

The physical involution of individuals

As a species, we tend to evolve in many ways. In fact, we live longer than in the past and people are healthier than in other decades. However, from the individual’s point of view, over the years there has been an evident physical disability, affecting flexibility , hearing, vision, speed of movement and strength.

From a medical point of view, the idea of ​​involution can be applied to anatomy, physiology and metabolism . Anyway, all these forms of physical deterioration are related to the body’s natural aging. In the field of psychology , intellectual involution is used to refer to the post-maturity phase, in which the human being presents a slow mental decline also associated with age.

Evolution and involution are terms that cannot always be objectively evaluated

In relation to certain aspects, it is possible to establish a criterion to say whether something evolves or evolves. For example, if a company sells less products than in the previous year, there is a clear involution. However, in other areas it is a subjective issue. Thus, there are people who believe that recognition of homosexuality and sexual freedom are symptoms of the evolution of humanity, while others believe the opposite.

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