What is Investiture definition/concept

The ceremony that deals with the inauguration of certain relevant political offices is known as the investiture or investiture. Therefore, it is a formal act, in which a person (for example, the president of a nation) is appointed to hold an office. It should be noted that the verb invest means precisely to give or grant a representation of great social relevance to a person.

The investiture process of the president of the Spanish government established in the Constitution

After the elections to choose the representatives of the people, the King meets with the political leaders elected at the ballot box and proposes that a candidate occupy the position of president of the government.

The proposed candidate addresses all congressional deputies and sets out his political program , subsequently requesting support from the chamber. After this petition, deputies vote and thus express their support or opposition to the inauguration of the presidential candidate. If the candidate for the presidency of the government is supported by a majority of deputies, the candidate is sworn in as president of the nation. In case of not getting an absolute majority, 48 hours later a new vote is taken and in case there is not enough support it is necessary to call a new election.

The Medieval Origin of Investiture

The origin of this tradition is found in Roman Law , more specifically in the legal act, where a property was transferred to its legitimate owner. In the Middle Ages, this legal form was used in the possession of a manor by its owner (the feudal lord). Similarly, when kings were proclaimed the highest authority in a kingdom, an endowment or swearing-in ceremony was performed.

The act of investiture understood as a protocol ceremony was also performed when an individual was knighted or when a vassal swore allegiance to the feudal lord.

The endowment concept among the Romans

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church) also embodies the concept of the endowment. Thus, for members of this religious current, the endowment ceremony consists of a ritual, where the church leader receives a divine gift granted by the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

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