What is Inventory definition/concept/elaboration

The inventory is a documentary record of goods and other objects belonging to an individualcompany, public dependence, among others. It is performed with great precision and prolixity in the data processing.

Although inventories are especially used in companies or public bodies, they have goods and other products that belong to their assets, that is, in the commercial and state sectors, inventories can be used in different contexts and situations to organize and record the elements available in a place with a specific purpose.

For example, an individual who puts up a furnished apartment for rent, carries out an inventory of every element, furniture, appliance or any other component present at the time of rental delivery so that they are reliably recorded and thus have control over everything which has been declared so that at the time of the end of the rental contract it can be proven through the inventory that all furniture and elements are present and under the corresponding conditions.

In places like libraries it is also necessary to carry out an inventory so that you can provide us with a detailed record of everything that exists in the place.

It also makes it easier for us to find each item more quickly and simply, since the inventory shows its disposition.

In the field of business management, inventory records the set of a company’s own and available assets that will be offered for sale to its customers and, therefore, are considered current assets

Goods plausible to be submitted to the inventory are intended for direct sale or activities intended internally to the production process , such as raw materials, unfinished products, spare parts for maintenance , packaging materials , company goods, finished or partially finished products, goods in transit , among others.

The incorporation of technology has facilitated the task of inventory within companies or other spaces, since there are software specially developed for such functions, such as databases that greatly facilitate this task and that were previously cumbersome, as they should be done in writing and in special books.

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