What is Intrapersonal definition/concept

The language is the distinctive feature of being human. When we are compared to other animals, what stands out are the similarities we have in common: similar organs, the same vital functions and even similar reactions (defence, attack, protection, maternal instinct, etc.). Language, on the other hand, is truly unique to individuals, its communication has several levels and approaches. Intrapersonal

When we talk to another person or in a group, we establish an interpersonal relationship

Some speak and others listen and this pattern alternates and happens with more or less order. There are many ways to establish interpersonal connections: in a dialogue , a meeting, an interview or an academic lesson.

Communication doesn’t always happen with others. In fact, who we communicate with first is ourselves. In this case, an intrapersonal communication is established. In principle, it is a dialogue without words, we think about something and have an inner debate. However, it is practically impossible to communicate without language, so, even without apparently speaking, we are somehow doing it, even if it is in silence. Intrapersonal

Already in Classical Greece, the philosopher Socrates coined an idea: know yourself

With this statement, he mentions the need to inquire within ourselves, to know ourselves in the best way possible to act through personal self – knowledge . This Socratic idea is the fundamental element of intrapersonal analysis. Later, some psychological currents deepened self-analysis as a way of reflection directed at oneself. Meditation is also a path of intrapersonal knowledge, in the sense that by thinking deeply and calmly we can free ourselves from what confuses us.

Some Eastern religions practice introspection, which is a variant of intrapersonal communication. Buddhists’ nirvana is the ultimate expression of self-knowledge. Intrapersonal

Self-help books are also a proposal that aims to know who we really are, from which intrapersonal techniques are proposed. Intrapersonal

Lastly, the concept of intelligence has evolved over time. It can be defined as the ability to solve problems, both external and internal. In this sense, the existence of a new perspective is defended, the intrapersonal intelligence, also called emotional intelligence.

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