What is Intrapersonal Intelligence definition/concept

The prefix “intra” means inside, therefore, intrapersonal refers to the intelligence that refers to the set of capabilities that allow one to form a precise idea about oneself. At the same time, the idea of ​​intrapersonal intelligence refers to managing one ‘s own life. In other words, the focus of this type of intelligence is the self and the strategies for achieving a full life.

Although intrapersonal intelligence is a concept of twentieth-century psychology , it should be noted that self-knowledge as a proposal has been defended by thinkers of other times: Socrates said “Know thyself”, Freud developed the psychoanalytic method to know the self and Buddhism is a path to self-knowledge.

a personal quality

Those who have intrapersonal intelligence know who they are and what they feel. The capacity for self-knowledge involves a series of aspects: having an accurate image of yourself and recognizing your virtues and defects, being aware of your state of mind and knowing your intentions and motivations. These characteristic elements of self-knowledge favor discipline and self-esteem.

Intrapersonal intelligence is a quality that is not always observed in people, as instead of seeking an emotional connection with themselves, many individuals choose to ignore what they are for some reason (for example, fear of suffering).

The information about intrapersonal intelligence comes from us, that is, from our personal experience, for example, from our own actions, from the motivation we have and feel, as well as how we act in one way or another.

Brain scholars claim that intrapersonal intelligence is located in the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that is responsible for logical thinking , behavior control, and personality development .

Characteristics that indicate adequate intrapersonal intelligence

People who have good intrapersonal intelligence are able to discover their own inner being. At the same time, they know how to interpret the negative aspects of their personality and have a realistic idea of ​​their strengths and weaknesses. They are usually people who know how to be alone, who have no problems expressing their emotions and giving their best.

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