What is Intersubjectivity definition/concept

Something is objective when it can be reliably proven or verified. We say that something is subjective when an observer has his own personal assessment of what he describes. These two ways of analyzing the reality seemed to be the only ones possible. Intersubjectivity

However, in the 20th century, there was an important philosophical shift: the center of reference was no longer the subject, but language . This means that no individual has their own individual language, which is a construction that we collectively manufacture. In other words, language is intersubjective, as it is made by subjects who relate to each other.

The phenomenon of human communication

The communication is an inter action, since the language spoken by the inhabitants of a community is a set of shared tools. From the point of view of intersubjectivity, we have access to objective or subjective realities. Intersubjectivity

Some animals are trained to pronounce certain sounds, which often resemble human language. However, no animal species has built an intersubjective language that allows them to communicate effectively.

The linguistic ability of humans is subject to a process of permanent change. Thus, a word acquires new meanings, new terms appear, others fall into disuse and each historical context provides a new frame of reference in relation to the exchange of ideas. This complex process is a collective task shared by all of us. Each individual’s ideas are shared by others or confronted with totally different points of view. In short, communication is a phenomenon that must be understood from the point of view of intersubjectivity.

the search for the truth

We need to know that the ideas and assessments that surround us are either true or false. In other words, we somehow want to determine whether an idea is objectively right or simply a personal opinion of a subjective kind. However, the truth about any subject is something we collectively construct and, consequently, has an intersubjective dimension. Intersubjectivity

We reached some conclusions that are more accepted as valid

It is believed that human rights must be respected, for example, it is not accepted that one human being is enslaved by another.

We consider that all opinions can be defended as long as they are within a context of mutual respect and good coexistence . It is generally understood that no one has the absolute truth. All these ideas were not created by a group of people, but formed collectively and over time. Intersubjectivity

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