What is Intersexuality definition/concept

Human beings have two sexes: male or female. On the other hand, gender is a set of cultural meanings associated with one sex or another. Therefore, sex refers to a strictly biological matter of the individual , while gender refers to the sex roles of each sex. Intersexuality

Traditionally, the female sex is considered to be linked to one role and the male to another, thus both are clearly separated. However, the concept of intersexuality proposes another way of understanding human sexuality. Thus, an intersexual person is one who does not identify himself as either a man or a woman , since his body is not properly male or female. Obviously, the notion of intersexuality can only be applied to individuals who have an alteration in their chromosomes and, therefore, it is not easy to determine whether they are men or women.

Different ways to understand intersexuality

Those individuals who present the genitals at an intermediate level between male and female can be referred. It also refers to those people with an outward appearance of one sex but inwardly of the other. In any case, the sex role does not match the individual’s chromosomes. From a statistical point of view, this phenomenon affects approximately one in every 1500 newborns. Intersexuality

Between male and female

The main problem with intersexuality is the difficulty in defining it, since an individual who is not of one sex or the other is in an intermediate position.

People who live in an intersexual body find it difficult to introduce their conventional image into society , since they do not have a biologically defined sex, but the social model forces them to choose their sexual orientation.

Many intersex people also known as hermaphrodites decide to undergo a type of hormonal treatment or surgical operation to achieve a more defined sexual identity .

identity issues

If an individual is intersexual, they will likely have issues regarding their identity as a person. Your parents will have to define you between one sex or another and your life will be part of a male or female model. This ambivalent situation brings emotional and social maladjustments.

Another problematic issue that affects these people is related to medicine and psychology , since professionals in these disciplines are faced with a complex dilemma: maintaining the individual’s sexual ambiguity or creating a gender identity with some type of treatment. Intersexuality

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